Valley Pool & Spa

The biggest and sincere THANK YOU to our loyal customers that have voted us the best Pool & Spa store!

Valley Pool & Spa has been serving the communities since 1967 as the Pool & Spa superstore that prides itself on creating a unique shopping atmosphere with a huge product selection and expert help.

Valley Pool & Spa opened their first store in 1967 and there is a reason that they have been around for so long. Original owners Jim and Dolly Harding made their customers’ satisfaction a priority and that same philosophy continues today.

The entire team at Valley Pool & Spa go the extra mile to ensure that their new employees are well-trained and knowledgeable, in addition to a store that offers every product possible for the care of your pool or spa.

“From popular opinion on our Valley Facebook and Instagram pages we carry more pool and spa accessories, equipment, and chemicals than any of our competitors in the Pittsburgh area” explains Kristin Poppa-Rosel, Business Development Director. “Our Pool Perks Loyalty program also helps our customers not only save more money when they use their card but also allows us to keep track of customers purchases for future reference. No receipts are ever needed!”

In addition to an extensive product line, Valley Pool & Spa offers complimentary computerized high-tech water quality testing which checks for over twenty-eight vital water levels. They even upgraded their system for 2019 to keep up with new technology for water testing. “Tests will be faster and more accurate than ever before” states Kristin.

“Customers far and wide come to our stores monthly for water testing, ”says Kristin, “we are growing every year to accommodate the need for knowledgeable pool stores in all of our customers’ communities.”

“Balancing water chemistry in any pool or spa is such an important safety factor not only to protect the swimmers in your pool or spa but also to prolong the life of the equipment; there is no reason to not have your water professionally tested at Valley. We even provide a personalized weekly maintenance calendar for every pool or spa owner” says Kristin.

“We do extensive research every year on what the trendiest pool toys, rafts, and floats are going to be for the upcoming summer which gives us the ability to have a ‘Pool Toy Wonderland’ inside each one of our stores,” adds Kristin.“  We have seen some crazy trends over the years from the Kardashian golden swan raft to every type of food raft you could imagine. This year the trends are even crazier, since the wine bottle float did so well in 2018 we are seeing more ‘adult beverage’ floats this year including rum, champagne, and bourbon! More unique animals are making appearances like a goat, narwhal, and unicorns. If it is unique you know Valley Pool & Spa is going to stock it.”  Along with floats, there is an extensive array of games, masks, goggles, tubes, noodles,volleyball, basketball, and water polo games for all ages from infant and up.

Their staff completes more than one hundred hours of training in March and April each year, and this extra attention to training is probably one reason that Valley Pool & Spa stays on top. Their most recent awards other than the prestigious Readers’ Choice are staying the number one volume dealer by Sunrise Spas, and number one volume dealer by Dreammaker Spas. Besides being a great company to work for, Valley Pool & Spa actively gives back to the surrounding communities, sponsoring numerous baseball, soccer, and softball teams,  and being active members of the Edgewood Symphony Orchestra, Beverly’s Birthdays, Jamie’s Dream Team, Animal Action League and Allegheny Camp Cadet.

Visit one of Valley Pool & Spa’s locations on Rte 30 in Greensburg (Hempfield Plaza), Rte 30 in North Versailles (1512 Lincoln Hwy), Rte 22 in Monroeville (Holiday Center), Rte 88 in Charleroi (751 Lincoln Ave), Rte 19 in Washington (Old Mill Plaza), and North Hills (3220 McIntyre Square). Visit them online at