About the awards

Congratulations to TribLIVE’s 2023 Best of the Best winners and finalists and thank you to everyone who nominated and voted!

Each year, we invite our readers and the public at large to nominate and vote for their favorite local businesses across Southwestern Pennsylvania to be named the Best of the Best.

The program kicks off in July when readers submit nominations to identify the top local businesses in each category. The top 5 nominees in each category then move on to the ballot for final voting. Votes name Gold, Silver and Bronze winners in each category. Awardees will be announced December 12, 2024 online and in a special edition of our print publications.

While the business categories are chosen by Trib Total Media, our readers vote for the winners. Trib Total Media acknowledges that some winners might not exactly fit the category description, but we report the results as expressed by our readers.

Have questions about Trib Total Media’s Best of the Best Community Choice Awards? See our list of Frequently Asked Questions, complete the form below or call 412-320-7872

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Best of the Best?

TribLIVE’s Best of the Best Community Choice Awards is an annual people’s choice event designed to honor the best businesses, events and organizations across Southwestern Pennsylvania.

What businesses are eligible?

Best of the Best is intended to honor and recognize the local businesses that make our communities great. Therefore, businesses located within the Pittsburgh DMA and in good standing with Trib Total Media are eligible for Best of the Best.

How can I nominate a business?

CLICK HERE to watch a short video about how to nominate!

We invite Trib readers and the public-at-large to nominate and vote for their favorite local businesses in the TribLIVE Best of the Best Community Choice Awards. To do so, navigate to the ballot for the region in which you live then find the appropriate section and category and begin typing the company’s name. If the company has a Google Maps listing, it will appear in a dropdown. Click on the correct listing to select it as your nominee. If no result appears, simply type the full name of the company. Then, click the Nominate button.

On your first visit, you will be prompted to complete a short registration form in order to nominate.

You can then continue nominating in other categories. When you are finished nominating, simply close the window. There is no “Submit” button. Nominations are logged as the ‘Nominate” buttons are clicked.

Individuals can nominate and vote in as many or as few categories as they would like, but they can only submit one nomination per category during the nomination phase and one vote per category in the voting phase.

When can I nominate?

The nomination period runs July 21 – August 4, 2024. Nominations are all write-in and can be submitted online at BestoftheBest.TribLIVE.com.

How can I vote for a business?

The finalists on the voting ballot consist of the top five nominees from the nomination round. New companies cannot be added at this stage. To vote for a company, find its category on the ballot and select “Vote” next to its name. You can then continue voting in other categories. If you click the vote button, your vote has been recorded. There is no final “Submit” button.

You can vote in as many or as few categories as you would like, but can only submit one vote per category.

When can I vote?

The voting period runs from September 22 – October 6. The finalists listed on the voting ballot are based on the results of the nomination period. The top 4-5 nominees in each category make it to the final ballot.

How many times can I nominate/vote?

An individual can submit one nomination per category during the nomination phase and one vote per category during the voting phase.

Do I have to nominate/vote in every category in order for my entry to count?

No! You can nominate or vote in as many or as few categories as you would like.

How can a business make it to the ballot?

A business has to be one of the top nominees in their category in order to make it to the voting ballot.

Do businesses have to pay in order to get on the ballot?

Absolutely not! It is 100% free to participate. We do have highly discounted, highly visible advertising packages available to give businesses more exposure, but purchasing advertising does not guarantee anything for the contest. 

How are finalists and winners notified?

Trib Total Media marketing and advertising departments make every attempt to notify our finalists and winners throughout the program, primarily by phone, email and US mail. If you are a finalist but have not yet been notified, we apologize. Please complete this form and we will be in touch!  

I don’t see my category on the ballot. Can a new category be added?

Unfortunately, our categories are set for 2024. However, each year we review the categories and gladly take suggestions! Please submit any category suggestions and other feedback to marketing@triblive.com. Be sure to include Best of the Best in your subject line!

Why are some categories that appeared last year missing this year?

We review our categories every year. We aim to have at least 4 nominees on the final ballot, preferably 5. However, last year, we had several categories that did not receive enough nominations to support the ballot, therefore we made the decision to eliminate them from the program this year.

There’s incorrect information on the ballot. Can you fix it?

Whoops, sorry about that! We do our best to ensure all information is accurate and up-to-date but mistakes happen. Please email any corrections to marketing@triblive.com and be sure to include Best of the Best in your subject line.

When will winners be announced?

Best of the Best winners and finalists will be announced in a special section of Trib Total Media’s print editions, and online at BestoftheBest.TribLIVE.com, on Thursday, December 12, 2024.

How can my company increase its chances of being nominated or voted for in the program?

The best strategy for earning the title of Best of the Best is by providing an outstanding customer experience! We also encourage businesses use resources like social media, emails, websites, even in-store signage and handouts to remind your customers, vendors, neighbors, family, friends to nominate and vote. We also offer highly discounted, highly visible advertising packages to help you reach your target audience and stand out from the competition. Offering prizes or discount-related incentives to obtain nominations is strictly prohibited and may result in company disqualification.

Do you have any marketing materials to help businesses promote themselves?

So glad you asked – we absolutely do! You can find them here under the Best of the Best tab on the Trib Total Media Media Kit.

What comes with being named a winner?

Winning in the TribLIVE Best of the Best Community Choice Awards is a prestigious achievement that reflects a company’s excellence in its respective industry. The winners are published online and announced in a special section which serves as a trusted resource for people searching for the best places to eat, shop, receive services and more. Companies can also showcase their accomplishments by using our free winner logos and purchasing winner plaques, finalist certificates and window clings that proudly display their achievement. Contact us through the form below to learn more about these opportunities.

Can chain stores and franchises be nominated?

We prefer to see locally-owned small businesses, however some categories just don’t have that many locally-owned businesses. It’s up to the voters to say what/who they support.

Attention Past Winners

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