Excela Health

For many, a doctor or hospital visit might be one of life’s more anxious moments. To lessen any apprehension or anxiety surrounding those experiences, Excela Health continues its efforts to increase access to care, enhance communication between patients and its healthcare providers and offer convenient ways to connect to services. To engage the community and share those efforts, Excela Health asks, “How can we help you today?” It’s a question that reinforces Excela’s commitment to helping our community find just the right doctor, make a needed appointment and/or help individuals find just the right service for a particular health concern. “We view ourselves as an individual’s healthcare partner,” said David S. Richards, MD, Executive Medical Director, Excela Health Medical Group. “We offer hundreds of primary care and specialty doctors as well as a wide range of outpatient testing; physical, occupational and speech therapies; and nationally recognized heart care, surgery and orthopedics, among other services.”

In fact, Excela Health was recently recognized for medical excellence and patient safety in any number of categories by Care Chex®, an information service of Quantros, Inc. CareChex® is the most comprehensive resource for ranking hospital quality and patient safety. CareChex® provides clinical, financial and patient satisfaction findings to consumers, providers and purchasers of U.S. medical care. Unlike other publicly available quality ratings, CareChex® provides a composite evaluation of all components of medical quality including process of care, outcomes of care and patient experiences. (Visit carechex.com to view awards.)

This year, Excela Health was ranked in the top ten percent nationally and in the Northeast (a grouping of nine states) for medical excellence in Heart Failure Treatment and ranked in the top ten percent in the Northeast for medical excellence in Cardiac Care. Further, Excela Health was ranked in the top ten percent nationally and in the Northeast for patient safety in Overall Hospital Care, Cardiac Care and General Surgery, while ranking in the top 10 percent nationally for patient safety in Heart Failure Treatment.

In all cases, Excela Health focuses on putting patients first, helping the community enjoy better health … and better health care. To learn more, visit excelahealth.org, search QUALITY or contact the Excela Health Call Center at 1-877-771-1234.